Welcome Little Woods Alumni. Hope you are faring well in your journey of life. Accepting new challenges, carving your path, winning laurels and forging new heights.
We are sure that when we talk school, the vivid memories of your experiences in school come racing your mind.
We are also sure that many of you have walk down the memory lanes and try to make your presence felt even today during school celebrations. Sports Day, Independence Day, Republic Day and School annual day to interact with your teachers, mentors, friends and colleagues.
We would like to assure you that even now you are still an integral part of the Little Woods family and a valued ambassadors of our Institution.
Little Woods is in the process of setting up its Alumni Association and look forward to renewing your association with us, to plan and organize events and programmes. Also to share your present achievements, dreams, aspirations and future hopes.
We are confident that you can be contribute in areas of your forte and strengthen the Little Woods Alumni Bond. Looking forward to your active participation.