The School

Little Woods School has set a good standard of education as one of the CBSE affiliated schools in Kakinada. The reputed school started with a vision and mission to ensure holistic development of all the students. The school focuses on strategies to enhance student centric learning, addressing adolescent need, challenges and classroom management. It focuses on using technology to reinforce a better interactive teaching. Learning process, reflective practices, book reading sessions and analysis of it, project based learning, critical thinking, effective means of communication and goal setting.
Activities have always been an integral part of Little Woods curriculum. Students are given opportunities in various sports, music, drama, dance, literary skills, aerobics fine arts and numerous competitions in scholastic and non-scholastic areas. The specially designed curriculum enhances soft skills of the students. Such as team work, leadership qualities, communication skills etc., which provide a plenty of scope for broadening their horizons. Little Woods School fosters good relationships between the home and school by welcoming parents and encouraging them to work in partnership and harmony with the school team. The management continuously review and monitor their practices to raise the standards of the school. Every student is encouraged to care for the school, environment and local community.
Little Woods School is full of happy and inquisitive children enjoying the best creative education. The school holds the higher purpose of education dear to its ambitions and practices.