Each child is precious and he has certain talents hidden or exposed; ripen or yet to be. It is up to the prime concern of the parents, teachers and the school to trace them out and to draw out gallons of their perennial flow of thoughts and talents.
A well secretes more water as is more drawn out, a sword is more sharpened as is more used and so are with a pen, a brush, a brain… We, as a team, work together to trace, excavate, excel and expose Little Woodians multifaceted talents. We just steer their thoughts, fill their brains and train their tongues and hands.
With ideal classroom strength of 25-30, students are kept engrossed through interactive teaching methodology that ensures their active involvement. The process of learning includes discussions, case studies, investigations, problem solving, role-play, project works, field trips and other interactive activities. Every child is talented and it requires the talent of the teacher to tap the talent of the child. At Little Woods, the faculty lays emphasis on child-centric curriculum which ensures that every child is benefited.